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Brick Pointing, Brickwork Cleaning and Repairs

Brick Pointing & Repointing

The mortar that sits between your bricks holding them together just sits there doing its job until one day you notice it appears to be crumbling in places.  There are many reasons why mortar begins to fail, age being the main one but not the only one by any means.  Failing mortar can be due to continued exposure to harsh weather (especially in coastal locations) or maybe the mortar mix itself was substandard in the first place or a botched previous repair.  One thing’s for sure though, no matter how or why it happened, it needs fixing before the problems get worse which could, at best, lead to damp problems and at worse leave you with a massive rebuilding costs in the future.

Repairing the mortar between bricks is what’s called repointing and that is what we do.

Professional service

Brick Pointing Kent – If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well and that’s why we have invested heavily in the best of technology to make sure all repointing and repairs are done to the highest standard.  Repointing is not just about trowelling-on more mortar, it’s about selecting the right materials for the job (not all mortars are the same!) then thoroughly removing all loose, crumbly mortar right back to solid, removing dust from the gaps before force-injecting new mortar into the gaps with specialist tools so that the new mortar bonds with the old, leaving no air gaps which can lead to premature failure in the future.  Done properly, a good repointing job should last for 50-60 years or more.

Brickwork & patio cleaning service

Brick pointing Kent – Using our specialised hot water pressure washing equipment we can return your brickwork or patio slabs to an almost new condition removing all algae stains, oil dirt and grime.

Broken and Cracked Brickwork Repairs

Brick Pointing Kent - Helifix installer

Cracked brickwork?  We can repair most unsightly cracks in walls and masonry using the Helibar solution from Helifix.  This is a well-proven, structurally sound solution to the problems of cracked walls caused by ground shift or subsidence and may, in some circumstances, avoid costly re-building.  Get in touch and talk to us about whether Helibar is the right solution for you.

Brick Pointing Kent

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